Police Station



  • Duty – We fulfil our responsibility as a police officer despite any challenges.
  • Courage-We stand steadfast to uphold law and order.
  • Respect-We perform our duties with commitment and dignity and respect people.
  • Honour –We never betray our profession, our integrity, or public trust.

Police Responsibilites

Duties of Police Officers - General

Every Police Officer is supposed to be always on duty and have the powers of a Police Officer in every part of the State. It shall be his duty to use his best endeavors and ability to prevent crimes, preserve peace, apprehend disorderly and suspicious characters, to investigate and detect offences bring the offenders to Justice, collect and communicate intelligence effecting public peace and promptly obey and execute all orders lawfully issued. The duties in detail of each branch are provided in the relevant chapters.

Inspector of Police

  • Inspection of Police Station: The Inspector must thoroughly inspect each PS of his circle once in a year, constantly and systematically tour throughout his circle, making enquiries about bad characters, the state of crime, community policing (maithri) and general efficiency of police work.


  • Visit each of his Police Stations once in a month, check the current work of the Station and give necessary instructions, pointing out errors, entering the same in the visitors note book and sending a copy to the S.D.P.O. He shall enter in the visitor's book the details of cases in which instructions issued relating to delay in investigation, finalisation, and trials.


  • He shall discuss with the Sub Inspector, the cases under investigation, clues for detection and assist in the progress of the cases in finalising them without unnecessary delay.


  • He should also supervise the prosecutions of cases, for quick disposal, and see that the witnesses are produced in courts regularly and co-ordinate the police with prosecutors and enlist co-ordination in the success of cases.


  • During his visits to the Police Stations, he shall scrutinise the station crime history part-I, and see whether all cases have been entered correctly and the register is maintained property. He should peruse the K.D. check register and duty roster to see whether beats are properly served and checked. He should also check beats himself and visit as many villages as possible and see that he visits all villages once in a year. The village visiting by the inspector shall be noted in the village roster maintained by him. The SDPO must watch the progress of village visits by the inspector.


  • The Inspector must inspect once in a half-year, the books, shops, premises and stocks of all licensed manufactures and vendors of arms, ammunition and military stores. He shall also inspect once in a quarter all places where petroleum is stored. He shall also inspect all licensed revolvers/pistols at the licensee's residence in the first quarter of each year.

Asst. Sub-Inspector

  • Investigation of simple cases as directed by S.H.O. and assisting investigation in all cases handled by S.H.Os and other superior officers.

  • Petition enquiry

  • Checking of enquiries in verification rolls

  • Supervision of service of process work

  • To function as an officer in charge of a beat area and check patrols

  • Direct supervision or handling of station scriptory work

  • Detailing duties to the staff during Sub-Inspectors absence and exercising supervision and control over the Constables and Head Constables

  • Maintenance of cash book

  • Preparation of pay and travelling allowance bills (He should sign them only when the S.I. is absent)

  • Maintenance of Arms and Ammunition and registers connected there with

  • To be in charge of out post or beat and perform these duties when posted there

  • Such other work as may be entrusted to him

General Duty Head Constable - Duties

  • To work with Constables and help them to understand instructions, catechism and drill.

  • To perform duties allotted by S.H.O.

  • To be in charge of guard or escort when deputed.

  • To visit villages in the station jurisdiction when deputed for a specific purpose.

  • To work as H.C. in charge of a particular beat area.

  • To attend to court work under the orders of S.H.O.

  • To investigate cases when deputed by the S.H.O. and to assist the I.O. in investigation.

  • To conduct enquiries into petty complaints.

  • To take care of arrested persons kept in police station.

  • To take care of reception and proper behaviour with the persons coming to police station and to attend telephone calls.

  • To be present in the police station in the absence of Sub-Inspector unless called away in an emergency. He should take approval of S.I. before leaving the station on routine duty.


Child Protection

Crime Against Children, is defined as, any crime/offence under IPC

  • Child abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child trafficking
  • Child Labour

Child Rights

    Let us take a look at the basic rights that are guaranteed to children under the Indian Constitution.
  • Right to free and compulsory elementary education for all children until they complete the age of 14 years (Article 21 A).
  • Right of protection against employment in a factory or mine or any hazardous occupation till the age of 14 years (Article 24).
  • Right of protection against being abused and forced by economic necessity to enter occupations that are unsuited to their age or strength (Article 39(e)).
  • Right to equal opportunities and facilities to grow in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity, and the guaranteed protection of childhood and youth against exploitation and moral and material abandonment (Article 39 (f)).

Women Protection

Crime Against Women, is defined as, any crime/offence under the IPC & other Special acts/ laws wherein women are victimized and include crime under the following heads:

  • Dowry Murder (498(A), 302 IPC)
  • Dowry Murder (498(A), 302 IPC)
  • Dowry death (304 (B) IPC)
  • Abetment to Suicide (498 (A), 306 IPC)
  • Harassment (498(A) IPC)
  • Murder (302 IPC)
  • Dowry Prohibition Act (3,4 and 6 DP Act)
  • Rape (376 IPC)
  • Kidnapping (363,369 IPC)
  • Outraging of Modesty (354 IPC)
  • Bigamy (494,497 IPC)

Law of Arrest

Rights of Arrested Persons
  • Right to be informed of the grounds of arrest

  • Right to be produced before a Magistrate without unnecessary delay and within 24 hours

  • Right to consult a legal practitioner or any one of his choice

  • Right to be informed of right to bail

  • Right of a person without means to free legal aid and to be informed about it

  • Right to be examined by a Medical Officer

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